The Lyons candidate forum has moved.
It will now be held at Edge Anglican Church

Edge Anglican Church is hosting a candidates forum for all of the churches in the electorate of Lyons.

Come and hear from the candidates on the issues that you care about. 

7:pm, Monday 18 March

Edge Anglican Church
56 Main Road Claremont

Due to the change in venue, the forum cannot be live streamed. It will be recorded and made available on this site.

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Frequently asked questions

A candidate forum is an event held a few weeks before an election where the main candidates for a specific electorate are invited to speak to a group of people and answer their questions. These events are frequently run by issues groups (environment, housing etc) or the local chamber of commerce, and are about getting a specific demographic of people together and giving the politicians the opportunity to speak directly to their concerns.

These forums  are being hosted by the churches of the electorate, to allow politicians to specifically hear the concerns of the Christian community, and give specific and direct responses.

Where possible, all candidates will be invited to speak at the forum. Due to the number of candidates, the parties will be invited to send one representative to speak on their behalf.  

Most forums will spend some of their time asking pre-determined questions, and some of their time taking questions from the attendees.

The organising churches will determine the initial questions and communicate them to the candidates well before the forum. Suggested questions are being developed by the combined heads of churches to reflect the concerns that are common amongst Christians.

The questions from the attendees are usually taken through an online question portal, to allow live-stream viewers to also ask their questions.

The forum is being hosted by a group of churches from the electorate. Everyone is welcome to come.

Authorised by Mike Southon, Freedom for Faith, 168 Chalmers St, Surry Hills NSW